Our Story

AIRLAB studio specializes in contemporary minimalist jewelry. We are driven by one goal: to create fresh collections and unique custom-made jewelry pieces by fusing art, fashion, and design.

Our studio is located in Boras, Sweden. Boras is considered to be a Swedish center for textile and fashion and has a long history of design and craftsmanship. This closeness to the fashion industry is fascinating and very stimulating for us as designers.

For many years we lived and worked in different countries. These experiences exposed us to various cultural concepts and visual expressions. They always serve us as an inexhaustible source for ideas and artistic motivations.

Today we find our inspiration in the quiet magic of Nordic nature, contemporary art, and design. Our handmade collections offer simple but sophisticated aesthetics based on the delicate interplay between geometric shapes, flat surfaces, and dynamic lines.

We would happily share with you our news, ideas, and inspirations on our social media pages.

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