Please measure your ring size in a local jewelry shop or with a proper ring size measuring tool. Online measuring tools are not 100% correct. On http://www.ringsizes.co/ you can find some helpful information.


Your jewelry will be packed in a gift box 

As an environmentally friendly brand we try to reduce packaging to one gift box. Please let us know, if you want the ordered items to be sent in separate boxes.


To make your jewelry to last longer, it is recommended to take it off before you go swimming, bathing or sleeping. This will prevent it from scratching, bending and oil and dirt build-up.  

It is natural that sterling silver and even gold-filled jewelry will tarnish over time. How soon it happens depends on your skin, air humidity and the way it was stored. You can find a lot of information about jewelry cleaning online. 

Oxidized jewelry has a patina that eventually wears off. There are different ways to restore your dark patina at home, but keep in mind that oxidized dark jewelry should not go into chemical jewelry cleaning solution or ultrasonic cleaner.

If you want to clean or reoxidize your jewelry but not sure how, please contact me and I will happily provide you with detailed instructions based on your problem and a specific item. 

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