Watery Luna Collection Story

I have always been fascinated and inspired by the rich symbolism in protoscience. Lacking extensive scientific vocabulary and modern methods for conducting experiments and proving results, ancient scientists used a language of symbols and metaphors to convey their ideas.

Alchemy is an exciting and controversial medieval chemical science and philosophic tradition practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Alchemists aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials. Another goal was to discover a universal cure for disease and a magic elixir for immortality.

Alchemists considered Watery Luna (the Moon) to be one of the fundamental forms representing silver. It´s regarded as a giver of moisture and ruler of the water. Luna secretes the dew or sap of life. It can solidify life energies into a concrete expression, coagulate, or dissolve.

In alchemy, Luna is a personification of femininity. To express it visually, I made specific aesthetic choices for our Watery Luna collection: soft, flowing lines, and curving shiny silver surfaces creating an impression of coagulated energy.


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